Whatever you are doing right now is probably not as important as addressing global warming.

We must become a zero emissions carbon neutral world before 2040 if we want to continue to enjoy our current state into the future, avoid run away warming, and pass on a world to the next generation that is at all similar to our own. The window for mitigating action on climate change will close in the next decade. We must help governments, companies, and individuals take radical action today. Let's understand this urgency, and embed this existential issue into all of our thinking and everything we do.

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You can install the warming globe on your website by placing this single line of code just above the </body> tag on an html page.

<script async src=""></script>

You can help spread the word and remind others of the urgency of this issue by placing this slide in your next presentation.

There is so much work to be done to address climate change in a way that aligns our designed world with the understood science. The stakes are exestential and the urgency overwhelming. Climate.Studio represents a commitment to talk about climate change in every presentation that we give, and to address the topic in every project we develop. We invite everyone to join these efforts as a first step towards climate action.

Neeley Worldwide is a London based design studio looking to create meaningful impact. We work in service design and speculative design accross various industries with clients throughout Europe, the US, and China.

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